We started off using beats from other producers off the internet with tags on them, did a whole cd of that it got a great response at that time.  We realized that we were capable of doing our own beats we had so many songs written so we had to align them with the new creation of music.  This is taking some time because we had to also buy equipment to achieve this.  So we really appreciate you guys sticking with us on this journey and new music will be coming soon.  We will not be doing albums we will release our music as it comes to us.  Since we run this ship there is no rush , so as we make it we will post it.  Those songs you like you can purchase no problem from here on our site , we will no longer put out music on iTunes, Spotify and sites of this nature.  We really appreciate everyone who has stopped by our site and hope you stick around for the rest of our journey. Thank you! New pics new videos will be coming soon!

A lot of people want to know why we picked the name Savage Sevyn.  Well, one of the meanings for savage is to 'salvage', and the awesome way of spelling the sevyn (seven) is for 7 of the chakras, the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown. So our name means to save yourself.

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